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Diesel Services

Restore Diesel Engine Performance

Diesel Engine Service in Livermore, CA

Diesel cars and trucks provide excellent mileage and fuel economy. To get the best value from your vehicle, the manufacturer expects you to follow the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual. In the event you run into problems, it's also expected that you'll be quick to get your diesel car or truck checked out and repaired.

All you just need a trusted diesel mechanic to do it.

Diesel Repair Shop in Livemore

At Peterson Automotive and Tire Corp., we specialize in diesel engines. Our service technicians who have years of combined experience in diesel car service and truck repair. 

We work with passenger vehicles and commercial fleets.

Our service center features specialized tools, parts, and equipment to provide high quality workmanship.

Areas Served: Livermore, CA, Pleasanton, CA, Tracy, CA, and surrounding areas.

I Need Diesel Engine Service

Diesel Engine Service in Livermore, CA

Peterson Automotive and Tire Corp. provides a variety of diesel services to keep your vehicle in top condition. Our capabilities include but aren't limited to:

Refer to your owner’s manual to schedule routine maintenance for your make and model. Diesel maintenance extends engine life and ensures you get the best value out of your car or truck. 

Regular coolant checks, oil changes, and filter changes make a difference in overall performance.

Our technicians know diesel vehicles inside and out, saving you time and money on service. We troubleshoot any diesel car or truck problem. Contact us online or at (925) 292-0262 for more information.

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